Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Stripper Talk

As a little insight in to the mystical world of Backstage at a Burlesque show, we’d like to share some of our favourite slang.

Jam out wit ya clam out – Said to a stripper before she takes to the stage. Meaning “Go enjoy getting naked.”

Booty Shake – Make the fringe and beading on your outfit shimmy and shake.

Lily Belle's Booty

Get it girl! – A word of encouragement from one dancer to another.

G-G-Get it Girl! – Said with a stutter. No really, go get it.

OOOOoooooohhh Girrrrllllll – Signifies both shock and approval

COOoOOochIIEEE Crunch! – Shouted in the ritual of piling in to a group and thrusting groins.

Oh word! – I agree.

Tap yo weave – How to itch your head when you have a weave or wig on. Also shows mock disdain.

Nip Slip – When your pastied nipple pops out of your costume before you intended it to.

Tuesday Laveau Tassles

Lip Slip – Occurs most frequently during floor work whilst wearing a thong.

Safety Panties – Thong panties that match your skin tone worn underneath costume to avoid ‘Lip Slip.’ Distinctly not hardcore and only for the skittish. *Only acceptable to do to avoid being fined, as pointed out by Austin’s finest Jenn O’Syde

Smuggling Jimi Hendrix aka Barbara Bush – Not waxing your bikini line before wearing a skimpy costume.

Are you Experienced?

Pretty Mama – Beautiful, Strong Woman

Babygirl – Term of affection, most regularly applied to those you have mentored

Boo – Term of endearment.

Tumble Weave – Stray weave wefts floating around.

Clitty Litter – Getting glitter stuck in uncomfortable body parts

Glitter aka Divorce Dust

Divorce Dust – In a word, Glitter. Covers every backstage surface and enhances every dancer. So named because any   man (or woman) who returns home unexpectedly covered in this is in trouble.

Do it to it! aka Doit Toit – See “Get it girl” above.

Azz Everywhere – That weird moment of syncronicity backstage when everyone is bent over putting their thong on at the same time.

Azz Everywhere

6 comments on “Stripper Talk

  1. allykatte
    April 5, 2012

    Drag – Heavy makeup, corsetry, wigs. All the things that join the world of burlesque with the world of drag.

  2. Tiger Tiger
    April 6, 2012

    Snap a g-string – stripper equivilant to “break a leg”.

  3. MJ
    October 17, 2012

    LMAO! I am new to burlesque and this made me roll. I LOVE IT!

    • coochiecrunch
      October 17, 2012

      Glad you enjoyed it and welcome to the wonderful world of Burlesque!

  4. nakednerdyblogger
    February 17, 2015

    Hahahaha I am dying. This is gold.

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