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Bar L’Autan

If you need to know one thing about me, it’s that I like Dive Bars. I’ll take a sticky floor, cheap beer and good music over a fancy cocktail bar any time, any place. A quick check online showed me that Bar L’Autan was seemed to check these boxes.

Luchadore at L'Autan, Toulouse

Luchadore at L’Autan, Toulouse

Located fairly centrally in downtown Toulouse, L’Autan is a small bar with an open cafe style front typical of many urban French bars. So, if you’re there in Winter or early Spring, dress warm. Inside, the bar is crazy, filled with pop culture ephemera.

Skull at L'Autan, Toulouse

Skull at L’Autan, Toulouse (c) Tuesday Laveau

The bartenders were my favourite kind. Surly with neck tattoos. There’s a pretty good beer selection, including Gothic and Meteor. The prices are good too as you can buy beer by the pint or the pitcher, something rare in French bars. There were also 2 huge apothecary style jars behind the bar containing home made rum flavoured with vanilla or mango.

The bar at L'Autan, Toulouse (c) Tuesday Laveau

The bar at L’Autan, Toulouse (c) Tuesday Laveau

The toilets are Turkish style, so wear boots. They also have bands playing, but licensing means music finishes by 10pm, so come early for the show.

I totally recommend L’Autan for the Dive Bar connoisseur.

Check out their website for more information on L’Autan – The Debil Rock Bar.

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