Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Advent Calendar: 13 December – Little Madame

When we created the Bristol Burlesque Festival 2014, we asked each applicant one important question: “What is Burlesque to you?” The answers made us laugh and cry and marvel at the beautiful variety our chosen art form presents. We’ll be sharing some of these responses with you in the CoochieCrunch Advent Calendar 2014. Check back every day this month up to the 25th for a new piece of Burlesque Inspiration!

Little Madame

Everything that I love, performance, being extrovert, and creating costumes. I see Burlesque as a type of Performance Art so my ideas could come out of anywhere… on the train, From the washing machine, in the supermarket,  on the toilet, watching a film , being drunk with friends, from a dream, or by watching a show.

Little Madame (c) TBP Photography

Little Madame (c) TBP Photography

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