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Horror Icons: Ripley and/or the Alien from “Alien”

Welcome to CoochieCrunch’s ‘Halloween Icons’. We’ll be listing some of our favourite terrifying or terrified characters and rating them on a list of creepy criteria including Terror Factor, Costumability i.e. how readily does this character become a horrifying Halloween costume and Icon Factor.

Alien (1979)

Alien (1979)

Alien (1979) Y0u might not consider Alien to be a Halloween film, it isn’t themed around the holiday, but it is a seminal horror movie that changed the face of both the horror and science fiction genres. With burlesque being an industry for women and by women, I think we can all also appreciate that this movie created one of the biggest and most kickass female icons in movies to date! Unless you live in deep space you will know that this movie is such a cult success it went on to spawn sequels across several genres, moving away from it’s horror origin and creating a cinematic universe. The story of Alien is simple, and frightening – a ship is rerouted to investigate a distress signal, resulting in the alien impregnation of one of the crew. On being born the alien proceeds to literally tear through the crew as they make an effort to escape their claustrophobic environment, save themselves and destroy the alien. There can only be one survivor!

Terror Factor – Though it has arguably lost some of it’s impact over the years, at the time of release Alien was a physical and psychological horror – face huggers, forced impregnation, being trapped in a confined space with a monster and all the shocks along the way (did I mention the killing machine of an alien is near indestructible and has acid for blood). Remember, in space no one can hear you scream.


Costumability – Ripley is the easier option, you can go as simple as an overall and, at most, go to the effort of getting an iron on Nostromo crew crest to complete the look. Alternatively if the cold is no bother to you, you can go with the hibernation look – white vest and panties. You should always complete the Ripley look with the addition of Jonesy the ginger cat and crewmate (a stuffed one will do just fine).

The Alien is possibly the more fun option, though slightly more difficult – if you’ve got a few months and mad creative skills you could make something awesome (like the below). Alternatively, a pointy bike helmet, some imaginative make up, black clothes and some piping made of used toilet rolls is a possibility!

Ripley & Jonesy

Ripley & Jonesy

7/10 – depending on how much effort you want to put in

Alien Costume

Alien Costume

Icon Factor – Since 1979 both Ellen Ripley and the Alien have become huge horror and science fiction icons, only paralleled by some of the bigger movie franchises out there. Dress as either and you will be instantly recognisable.


By guest blogger L.E. Turner (Tiger Tiger)

2 comments on “Horror Icons: Ripley and/or the Alien from “Alien”

  1. L.E. Turner
    November 2, 2014

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    My guest blog from over at CoochieCrunch

  2. garethrhodes
    April 11, 2015

    Nice piece. Alien is a genuinely great film. It builds tension and suspense like few other have managed.

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