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Horror Icons: Samhain from “Trick r Treat”

Welcome to CoochieCrunch’s ‘Halloween Icons’. We’ll be listing some of our favourite terrifying or terrified characters and rating them on a list of creepy criteria including Terror Factor, Costumability i.e. how readily does this character become a horrifying Halloween costume and Icon Factor.

Trick R Treat

Trick R Treat

Samhain – Trick R Treat (2007) Trick r Treat  is a classic Halloween film that has gained a lot of momentum and a strong cult following since it’s limited 2007 release. It follows the Creepshow format of stringing together separate short stories through out the film, though they hold a common thread. That common thread comes in the petite terror that is Sam (Samhain.) Sam is an almost benevolent figure. As long as you proudly display your carefully carved Jack-o-Lantern and done a Halloween disguise, Sam is happy. But if you don’t, look out!

Terror Factor – Sam is sweetly terrifying, his small stature and his weapon of choice, a slightly gnawed on pumpkin lollipop, means he can pack an unexpectedly big terror punch.


Costumability – A good Halloween costume has a certain amount of practicality. Sam has his priorities right, he’s comfortable in flat shoes for covering trick r treat ground, a warm jumpsuit to keep you cosy from the crisp, autumnal air, and a burlap sack that unstitches over the mouth so you don’t miss out on weird pumpkin beer.


Icon Factor – Sam first appeared in an animation short Season’s Greetings in 1996, since then he has gained a true cult following with his own action figure and promised Trick r Treat sequel.


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