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Horror Icons – Angela from ‘Night of the Demons’

Welcome to CoochieCrunch’s ‘Halloween Icons’. We’ll be listing some of our favourite terrifying or terrified characters and rating them on a list of creepy criteria including Terror Factor, Costumability i.e. how readily does this character become a horrifying Halloween costume and Icon Factor.

Angela – Night of the Demons (1988)

I first watched Night of the Demons one All Hallow’s Eve with a group of girlfriends when we were all 16. The film tells the classic 80’s horror movie story of a group of teens who plan to hold their night of Halloween hijinks at an abandoned morgue rumoured to be haunted by disgruntled spirits. Party host Angela is soon possessed by one of these demons and transforms in a gothic, demon bride.

Angela from Night of the Demons (1988)

Angela from Night of the Demons (1988)


Costumability  –  To my group of 16 year old girls, Angela was the ultimate in Halloween cool. She’s like a Horror movie Courtney Love! It’s a very easy look to recreate. A rat-tailed comb and lot of hairspray will create Angela’s pooled out do, then just add some of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ jewellery, a black veil and Voila! Angela!


Terror Factor – Angela is pretty menacing, but you’re kind of rooting for her to triumph over the preppy kids. Those teeth are pretty terrifying though.


Icon Factor – Angela is an excellent Horror icon. The fact that she is featured in the not one, but two Night of the Demons sequels plus the 2010 remake is testament to this.


2 comments on “Horror Icons – Angela from ‘Night of the Demons’

  1. themetalvault
    November 12, 2014

    oh my god! I used to love this film! And particularly the part where Angela is dancing- it’s how I got into the Ministry!! x

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