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Stripper Tips: How to Get Started as a Burlesque Dancer

From my aching right knee and Dancer’s heart, I mean every word.

Tuesday Laveau (c) TBP Photography

Tuesday Laveau (c) TBP Photography

1. Work hard & hustle.

2. Go to shows, talk to people and meet producers.

3. Talk to local, national & international performers.

4. Learn how to sew.

5. Buy a hot glue gun.

6. Pick a song that moves you, choose an appropriate concept and create an act.

7. Use Youtube to check that your act is original. It probably won’t be.

8. Be kind to your fellow performers.

9. Do not undercut other performers.

10. Earn your spot on the stage. No one ever owes you a slot.

11. Don’t work for a promoter who makes you uneasy or one who is vague about conditions or pay.

12. Don’t work for free. I don’t care if you don’t want/need the money, when you work for free you take money out of my pocket.

13. Prepare to be rejected. A lot. Don’t take it personally.

14. Film your acts to apply for shows and so you can see what needs to be worked on.

15. Stretch all the time.

16. Never stop dancing.

Tuesday Laveau


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