Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Ally Katte’s Creature Feature

Ally Katte presents her favourite Halloween inspired Burlesque Acts.

It’s no secret that Coochie Crunch and it’s contributors love Halloween. In a departure from the usual gore filled that are a mainstay of most Autumnal events I’ve chosen to showcase some of my favourite all together oooky animal and creature routines for your entertainment!

Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon – Godzilla

I love the awesome, Fear and Loathing-esque costume. Jo works what looks like a runway stage, one of the most tricky stages to perform on, with great skill. And what a bum-bastic ending!

Roulette Rose – The Alligator Woman

Routlette’s moves are nicely timed, not too rushed and beautifully paced. It’s also great to see a performer with a very minimal costume and not rely on layers to keep the interest.

Miss Dirty Martini vs The Spider

The incomperable Dirty Martini gives us classic burlesque with a creepy twist in this Zorita tribute. I have a thing about good hands, and Dirty’s hands are PERFECT I tell you.

Angie Cakes – Bride of Frankenstein

Fantastic facial expressions, subtle costuming and great use of lighting! And some awesome stripper moves too.

Courtney Crave – Sympathy for the Devil

Some gorgeously gymnastic moves and ingenious costuming. Though I’ve always preferred The Stones over Axl Rose.

Lou Leigh-Blue’s Mummy

This Bristol babe has Halloween all wrapped up…ho ho!! A touch of the Universal Horror with some wry wit and sexy moves.

Angelique DeVille

Lovely costumes and some awesome untraditional dance moves. Perfect timing at the end too.

Bambi The Mermaid

Giving creepy and sadness in true New York style, with a envy inducing glitter baste. And for the vintage shoe lovers out there, some gorgeous Spring-o-lator style mules. Anyone else hungry?!

Cleo Viper – Butterfly Metamorphosis

Beautiful costume, perfect music and gorgeous makeup combine to make a truly creeptacular yet pretty routine. Evoking early cinema and eerie visions of circuses past.

Tuesday Laveau

And finally…Coochie Crunch’s own Tuesday Laveau!

Wolf booty shaking and the bravery to keep your face covered at all times. HOOOOWL!

Ally Katte (c) CamraKaze

Ally Katte (c) CamraKaze

One comment on “Ally Katte’s Creature Feature

  1. David
    October 28, 2013

    Don’t think I’d seen any of these part from Lou Leigh Blue’s and TL’s – very much enjoyed working my way though them.

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