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Things We Like: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Welcome to the first in a series of Things We Like. These are products that we at CoochieCrunch enjoy using and want to share with you. Nobody has been paid for these reviews, nor are we responsible if this product doesn’t work for you.

I am obsessed with scent. A scent can take you back to a very particular time, in a very particular place in a way that no other sense can. Just ask Proust.

I am fixated on the ritual of scent. The butane flash and the lighting of incense, tendrils of smoke rising. Both ancient and timeless.

“Who is this that comes out of the wilderness like pillars of smoke, perfumed with Myrrh & Frankincense, with all the powders of the merchant?”

Song of Solomon

The High Priestess (Rider Waite)

The High Priestess (Rider Waite)

One of the most consistent parts of my pre-Show ritual is anointing myself with oils, any combination of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, Follow Me Boy, Open the Road and (of course) Money Drawing.

Bastet - Goddess of Pefume

Bastet – Goddess of Perfume

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab combines the mysticism and ritual of scent with some simply beautiful perfume oils. The oil is decanted and arrives to you in little 5ml apothecary bottles, decorated with printed labels. The bottle may be tiny, but it packs a sensual punch. The essential oils are powerful, but expertly blended and minimally diluted. There are no animal products, with the exception of honey, used and they are not tested on animals.

Some of my perfume oils,including Black Phoenix Alchemy

Some of my perfume oils,including Black Phoenix Alchemy

The ranges draw from every corner of Esoterica, reflected in the beautiful artwork that accompanies the poetic descriptions of the perfume oils. My personal favourite is the Sin and Salvation range, specifically the Bow and Crown of Conquest, Dirty and Hellfire.

The customer service is excellent, but the international shipping is a little pricey, so it’s worth combining an order with a friend and splitting the postage.

Now go add a little Black Phoenix Alchemy to your beauty ritual.

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