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Quote for the Week

I have three phobias which, could I mute them, would make my life as slick as a sonnet, but as dull as ditch water: I hate to go to bed, … Continue reading

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Summer Lovin’

Ok, so we’ve been a little quiet here at CoochieCrunch, but we still love you! To keep you content while we bust our butts getting ready for The Mermaid Parade, … Continue reading

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Quote for the Week

I don’t drink as much as I use to could. – Anna Nicole Smith

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Creating the Bristol Burlesque Fest Artwork

Dawn Wilkins is a photographer, designer and an amazing woman. She’s responsible for some of my most enduring promo images and has an endless ability to draw out the inner … Continue reading

June 22, 2013 · 3 Comments

Quote for the Week

I’ve never really thought of myself as depressed so much as I am paralyzed by hope. – Maria Bamford

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World Travel Photo Essay Part 2

Continue your travel with part 2 of Clémentine Schneidermann‘s World Travel Photo Essay. You can find part one here.

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Act Evolution

We’ve all had that moment where suddenly something clicks, and several separate pieces seem to unexpectedly fall together in your brain, and you realise that, you bet your by-golly-wow, a … Continue reading

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Quote for the Week

I never spent any time thinking about art, I just did things. – Ed “Big Daddy” Roth

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Stripper Tips: After the Show

It’s taken me a few years of dancing to realise that if I sit down after a I get home or back to the hotel from a show, I probably … Continue reading

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Quote for the Week

The world isn’t small, it’s just that we have so much awesome that we take up more space. – Sparkly Devil

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