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John Waters – High Priest of Trash

I first saw Hairspray when I was 14. I loved it. Every minute of it. The dance steps, the rock n roll, the hair, the fashion and Divine. Oh my goodness, DIVINE. I was obsessed.

My favourite photo of Divine

My favourite photo of Divine

But what about the guy who brought us Divine, the guy with the pencil thin moustache and B’more accent? I sought out every piece of John Waters‘ work I could find, collecting sneaky VHS copies of Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos to watch late at night. His writing too, Shock Value has become a constant reference for me when I want to know more about serial killers and roller coaster accidents.

John Waters in Pastel

John Waters in Pastel

His films filled with huge, Liz Taylor on acid hair dos, shiny leopard print lycra and cha-cha heels have had on influence that I simply can’t overstate on my own personal style and the way I dance and perform.

In honour of his 67th Birthday, I’d like to say “Happy Birthday, Mr. Waters!” with a selection of some of my favourite John Waters moments. Enjoy!

John Waters Special on Channel 4 1993

John Waters – No Smoking

A date with John Waters

Dawn Davenport – Female Trouble

The Bird – Hairspray

Divine – Kill Everyone Now!

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