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March of the Mermaids

March of the Mermaids creator Hannah tells CoochieCrunch why she loves Mermaids and what inspired her to celebrate Brighton UK with a parade.

I have loved mermaids for as long as I can remember, I believe the day my parents first ever rented Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ out for me was the day it began.  From that point on I would spend most days of my childhood, from being around the age of 4, happily watching Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ on repeat. If I wasn’t watching it, I was most likely playing with my mermaid Barbie.

Now, as a grown up, I live happily by the sea in Brighton and I feel truly this is where I belong. I spend my spare time collecting shells and forever adding to my mermaid collection, I love to find new and old mermaid related films or cartoons to watch. Also in my spare time I make mermaid costumes and jewellery, I have my own jewellery brand Mer-Made, making jewels and accessories from shells, charms and all things related to the sea. So not much has changed really … I just watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ a little less these days, and the mermaid Barbie has turned into mermaid ornaments.

I have now taken it upon myself to create a mermaid based Brighton event! Brighton Council have been extremely supportive, and after a year of planning I’m overjoyed that the first ever March of the Mermaids will indeed be taking place this July.

March of the Mermaids, Brighton, UK. 27 July 2013

March of the Mermaids, Brighton, UK. 27 July 2013

I have been greatly inspired by the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in New York, created by the wonderful Dick Zigun, which is now in its 30th year! I have sadly not had the opportunity to be in Coney Island at the time of a Mermaid Parade yet (Although, I will be visiting Coney Island for the first time this summer.) I spend hours looking at photographs which are taken there every year, of everyone’s fabulous costumes and floats. It got me thinking, why don’t we have a celebration of the sea and all things mermaidy over here in the UK too? … and where better than Brighton?

Hannah - Creator of March of the Mermaids

Hannah – Creator of March of the Mermaids

And so it was born… the first ever March of the Mermaids will be taking place in Brighton, Saturday July 27 2013. A not-for-profit event, all profit made on the day will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society. It will be a day for all the family to take part in, we will have a set meeting point in the afternoon on Hove seafront,  participants will dress as mermaids, mermen, their favourite crustacean perhaps and all things nautical! We will then march (hobble / flop / hop) along Hove and Brighton seafront ending at our after-party venue where more fun and games will be awaiting our arrival. There will be costume pageants, with the crowning of Miss Brighton Mermaid 2013 and King Prawn 2013. I am so far over the moon and delighted with the supportive response I’ve been receiving about the event, and fingers crossed, it’s looking likely that we’ll have mermaids, mermen, lobsters and sailors coming from near and far to take part.

So, get your tail out and come join March of the Mermaids!

CoochieCrunch will be representing at March of the Mermaids, Brighton, 27 July 2013. We’ll see you there! For more info email:

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