Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Ethereal Beauty

French Photographer Clémentine Schneidermann takes us through what inspired her to travel the world photographing Burlesque Dancers.

A few years ago I saw the movie “On Tour” by Mathieu Amalric which follows the performers of the New Cabaret burlesque in France. I was seduced by the beauty and fragility of these women, especially Mimi Le Meaux.

On Tour aka Tournee

On Tour aka Tournee

This led me to photographing and filming the backstage of a cabaret in Geneva. There I was mostly focused on a burlesque performer from London, who had the beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

When I moved to the UK, I asked her if I could make a reportage about her. I became embedded in her life, going to the shows at night in Manchester for a three minute long show, driving all night back to London, and then starting again the next day.

Beau Rocks (c) Clémentine Schneidermann

Burlesque Dancer (c) Clémentine Schneidermann

After this experience I decided to begin a global project on burlesque performers — to follow different lives, in different places. I’ve started now in Bristol, where I am based, and next I plan to travel to New Orleans, a hub of burlesque dancing in America.

Lou Leigh Blue & Tuesday Laveau Backstage. (c) Clémentine Schneidermann

Lou Leigh Blue & Tuesday Laveau Backstage. (c) Clémentine Schneidermann

Follow Clémentine’s travel and Burlesque escapades on her blog

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