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Uneasy Listening

If you’re like us at CoochieCrunch, you like your Exotica with an extra shot of Sleaze. We recommend you check out the new album from sleaze superstars Narco Lounge Combo A Girl Called Jazz.

Narco Lounge Combo - A Girl Called Jazz

Narco Lounge Combo – A Girl Called Jazz

Consider it music to strip to.

Check out Narco Lounge Combo working their groove Saturday 2 February 2012 accompanied by booty shakers Violet Vayne, Lou Leigh Blue and Tuesday Laveau.

3 comments on “Uneasy Listening

  1. Richie Paradise
    February 2, 2013

    Splendid stuff. Burly girls are really well informed on the whole about the background of burlesque. Some times exotica falls off the radar, hopefully Narco Lounge Combo are doing something to redress the balance.

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