Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Stripper Tips: Walk on the Wild Side

The way you walk is very important. It conveys to your audience who you are and is a vital part of the character you are creating on stage.

Here is how you walk in heels like the Badass Showgirl that you are:

1. Choose your shoes. I like Go-Go Boots with a platform and sturdy heel. That way, I can wear a very high heel, 6 inches, but still be very stable on stage. Wedges are also good for being very stable.

Tuesday Laveau in Leopard Print Wedges (c) Vonalina Cake

Tuesday Laveau in Leopard Print Wedges (c) Vonalina Cake

You might prefer something more dainty, so try a stiletto. Go for a heel as high as you can that you can still move comfortably in. Keep in mind that a surge of adrenaline might make your knees a little shaky at showtime, so don’t go too high! I recommend choosing a shoe designed for dancing rather than from a fashion retailer. I’m a sucker for Pleaser, but you can also try Ballroom dancing shoes which generally feature a lower heel and a very useful ankle strap.

Strictly Ballroom - Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Strictly Ballroom – Ballroom Dancing Shoes

2. Now you’ve chosen your shoe, the rest is up to you. It’s allll in the body language and the language we are speaking is confidence.

3. To begin, place your feet squarely on the ground, slightly less than shoulder width apart. Roll your shoulders back,then relax them. Lift your rib cage. Take a deep breath. Lift your chin so it is parallel to the ground. Exhale. Smile. You are now standing like a Showgirl.

Girl WERK those heels - Tuesday Laveau (c) David Hammonds

Girl WERK those heels (and monster hands) – Tuesday Laveau (c) David Hammonds

4. Now, the walk. With your chin still raised and your arms able to move gently at your side, place one foot almost directly in front of the other. The size of your step will vary depending on the length of your leg. Follow with your trailing leg, again almost directly in front of the other. Lead with your boobs and your smile. This is not a haute couture walk, you do not lead with your pelvis, nor do you slouch. This walk will give your hips a natural sway and super-sexual fluidity. Keep your legs long. Don’t forget to breath!

5. As you feel more comfortable in your heels, you’ll start to find your rhythm. Not too fast, not too slow. Now here is the  top secret tip, just between you and me, walk to the beat of Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed. It’s the perfect rhthym and pace.

Now go knock em dead!

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