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Holiday Gift Guide: Devine Delinquents Presents the second part of a Seasonal Gift Guide featuring our favourite independent retailers. Devine Delinquents walks us through what makes her Christmas festive and the highlights from her 2012 collection. Put your money where your house is and shop local and independent this December! 

Nikki - the woman behind Devine Delinquents

Nikki – the woman behind Devine Delinquents

Devine Delinquents

So! Here we are again, another year, more tinsel bought, mulled wine consumed and strangely I’ve been inexplicably covered in glitter since around mid November!

So it must be Christmas.  The time of year that some of us adore and some of us loathe.  I am mid way between those two parameters when it comes to the Christmas season.

I love the thought of Christmas.  I love the idea of it being ideal, perfect, flawless.
I dream of having a roaring fire, Morcombe and Wise on the telly, lights sparkling on the tree and me not working, blissfully peacefull snoozing my way through The Snowman.

I dream of lovely aromas coming from the kitchen and me effortlessly drifting through like Nigella just making lunch happen without seemingly doing much or putting a large amount of effort in.

Sticky Nigella

Sticky Nigella

I wish to look like one of the models on the M&S advert whilst doing my Christmas shopping and I want the woman that does the food voice overs from the same shop to narrate everything that I deliver to the dinner table.

I want “OOHS” and “AHHS” as people open their presents and exclaim how “wonderful” they are and how it’s “what they’ve always wanted” and that the gifts I receive to be exactly the same, what I wanted and useful.

I want there to be snow, just on Christmas day.  I want robins chirping at my door as my visitors walk up the drive to the perfectly decorated house with a perfect wreath on the door.  I also want that unmistakable Christmassy feeling.  The kind thats evoked when you hear the Salavation Army brass band playing carols in the street or buy the first helping of hot chestnuts.

Devine Delinquents - Black Bat Lily Munster Necklace

Devine Delinquents – Black Bat Lily Munster Necklace

However, we all know Christmas is never perfect.

My Christmases are far from it.

This year my “Roaring” fire has packed up, started spurting out smoke from halfway up the chimney stack causing the house to stink and resemble a Bauhaus video.

My telly is nearly on it’s way out and it doesn’t cope with adverse weather conditions, it’s reception is terrible and ceases to be at the slightest drizzle of rain, let alone snow.

The tree is still not up, the decorations are still packed away and I have not even considered testing any of the lights yet.

My work life is taking over and I only have four days off from the day job and none from Devine Delinquents as I am a hard nosed boss and I don’t let my employees (me!) take any time off over the festivities.  It may be bad for morale but there are just too many things to do when you run your own business.

Devine Delinquents - Luxor Choker

Devine Delinquents – Luxor Choker

The only saving grace I have this year is that I am not cooking! Luckily my mother-in-law (not yet by law!) is serving up a goose, turkey, brisket of beef and a gammon and there are only 6 of us visiting her for Christmas! So that will be blissfull at least.

Presents are always a bit of a gamble with my family, do you go serious? or do you get a good old joke present? For me personally, I hate joke presents when I am on the receiving end as yes, hahaha, all very funny but where is my actual practical present.

Actually, I kind of want one of these.

Actually, I kind of want one of these.

I’m the type of person that likes something I can use.  I am perfectly happy not receiving presents, sometimes after Christmas my new gifts will sit there in the bag they were bought in for months whilst I work out where they will fit in my life.  Some of them get used straight away but these are always the practical presents.  However, clothing always goes down well but please, no scarves or hats this year.  My over flowing accessory drawer cannot take any more!

I do not wish to sound ungrateful, nor spoiled.  I simply wish for less, but better and I’m sure like me, you probably feel the same.

So what do I really think of Christmas?

Every year I wish for the “ideal” day but quite frankly, I am happy with a cracker hat on my head, a full tummy an argumental game of Trivial Pursuit and my family bickering over who ate the last After Eight. Maybe that is the definition of perfect!

This year at Devine HQ, I have a few limited edition Christmas gift sets and my last guaranteed posting date for the UK is the 21st of December.

Devine Delinquents - Which Key Fits the Heart Necklace

Devine Delinquents – Which Key Fits the Heart Necklace

Next year, please join me for many new releases, new ideas and a fashion show or two.  I will also be having a giant January sale on my Facebook page so make sure you join me on the 1st.

I leave you now with some of my favourite pictures from the last year with Devine Delinquents.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2013.

Devine Delinquents
Devine Delinquents
Devine Delinquents
Devine Delinquents

Devine Delinquents

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