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Zombie Face Paint Tutorial

In the final instalment of our four part series, professional face and body painter Alana Dunlevy brings you her darkest creation: The Zombie. Be sure to check out parts one, two and three.

Artist’s Note:

*When using liquid latest or adhesive, avoid areas with hair at all cost! or when you remove your makeup your hair will go with it! Be careful of eyebrows and your hair line. Protect with Vaseline if needed.*

I thought I would step it up a gear with my zombie step by step.

I did try and use materials you could get in any fancydress shop and didn’t have to get in a specialist store, I did how ever use liquid latex. Do a test area first to see how easy it comes off and to see if you react.

The other materials are, fake blood, red, black, green and white facepaint, tissue and oats.

When using the tissue paper, separate the ply so you only use one and rip the straight edges off.

I have used oats here, but you can use corn flakes or any other small, crumbly flakey materials that will give a textured effect.

I have only done my face but for the best effect, do this on any part of your body which is showing…don’t forget your hands.

Step 1

Think about where you want your rotting flesh to be falling off. I wanted the effect of bone showing through, so I chose my fore head, cheek and jaw. I kept the design balanced by using both sides of my face.

Sponge white and red facepaint on these areas.

Zombie Face Paint Step 1 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 2

Next build up the oats stick on with latex, leaving the white showing. I added more oats to my forehead and the side of my nose….bare with me, it looks ridiculous now but wait…

Zombie Face Paint Step 2 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 3

Rip 1 ply tissue paper in to the general shapes of your areas then stick on top with latex and paint a layer on top. When it has dried, distress the tissue, picking and ripping at it, especially exposing the white ‘bone’ areas.

Zombie Face Paint Step 3 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 4

I then blended the edges in to my skin with an old foundation.

Zombie Face Paint Step 4 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 5

Next apply the facepaints, blending the colours, applying red and black to the open wounds and green, black and white to the rest of your face. You can cover as much or as little as you want.

Zombie Face Paint Step 5 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 6

You don’t have to do this step, but I did my eye makeup.

Zombie Face Paint Step 6 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 7

Apply fake blood where ever you want, I concentrated on the wounds, using a cotton bud tip I pushed it under and rubbed it into the tissue and oats. I also used it blended in to my forehead and cheek.

Zombie Face Paint Step 7 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 8

Put in some contacts, back comb your hair and commence feasting……….

Zombie Face Paint Step 8 (c) Alana Dunlevy

 Be sure to check out Alana on her website here. Happy Hauntings!

2 comments on “Zombie Face Paint Tutorial

  1. Jeff Lusk
    November 2, 2016

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I’ve been doing facepaint around Halloween for myself and family for about three years. This was the first time I used latex in addition to paint and, with your help, had great results and a lot of fun. Thanks again

    • coochiecrunch
      November 7, 2016

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m so glad this tutorial was helpful!

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