Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Scream Queen Sophia Disgrace

Burlesque Performer, Angle Grinder, Model and Actress Sophia Disgrace discusses her upcoming Horror Movie releases.

Sophia Disgrace (c) Arcane Skin

Hi Sophia, let’s jump straight in! As an actress featured in so many scary movies, what is your favourite Horror film?

There are many, I love a good horror movie, The Shining is endlessly chilling!

Who are your favourite Scream Queens and influences?

Asia Argento is pretty cool, her dad (Suspiria Director Dario Argento) is too! I get inspired by any thing off the wall, surreal and unique.

Asia Argento

Tell me about your recent role in Spidarlings?

Spidarlings is a very special project, very avante garde and I’m very excited to be involved in it. I can’t say too much about it as its still being made as we speak, but if you like John Waters and a touch of gore you’re going to love it!

Sophia Disgrace & Spidarlings

It sounds awesome! I see that has B Movie legend Llyod Kaufman of Troma in it, did you get to share any scenes with him? What was he like to work with?

Yes, I had some scenes with him which was great fun. I’ve also worked with him briefly on a couple of other things, he’s really offbeat in a very cool way!

You have also featured in Kung-Fu & Titties, one of the greatest film titles ever! Is it as awesome as it sounds?

Absolutely, it definately delivers! I was flown to New York to feature in it and had a blast. Keep your eyes peeled people for all the latest on KFT.

In addition to being an actress, you are also a Burlesque performer. Which came first stage performance or acting?

I guess acting, I starred in the indie horror film Animal Soup and then things snowballed from there! That said, I couldn’t stand drama at school, it’s so odd how things turn out. Still, a number of my family members perform one way or another so it must be in my blood!

Sophia Disgrace (c) Altercarnated Photography

Do your film roles influence your stage persona, or vice versa? Or are they separate?

I suppose things can interlink and influence each other yes, anything creative can merge.

Fire performance and Angle Grinding are also on your long list of talents. Have you been able to use your fire and angle grinding skills in a film role?

Yes, a couple of times. In the horror film Three’s a Shroud for example, I use my angle grinder. I play a crazy Nazi-esque mistress in a section of the film! They are good skills to have, I feel!

Thank you so much Sophia, I look forward to seeing you in Spidarlings very soon!

Sophia Disgrace (c) Akasha Deville Photography

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