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Halloween Burlesque: Danse Macabre

“How can I be myself if I fail to cast a shadow? I must have a dark side if I am to be whole and in as much as I become conscious of my shadow I also remember that I am a human being, like any other.” Carl G. Jung

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Tuesday Laveau has aked me to write about Halloween, Burlesque, and Inspiration. A wonderful combination. Halloween is the holiday when many face the darkness, take apart our nightmares, and then decorate ourselves with the shadowed side that resides in us, scares us, and entertains us. Some of us even put it up on stage for others to enjoy. The Halloween Shows are the favorite of most burlesque performers. We’re already seen as “BAD GIRLS”, but during Halloween, we get to be absolutly wicked!
The focus of this article is “inspiration”. Hopefully by telling you where I get some of my Halloween skit ideas, you will then have a foundation to find and form ideas that are 100% YOU. Let’s start by asking what is your dark side, your shadowed self? What was the first thing that ever scared you? What character would you want to be in a horror film? Ghost? Vampire? Werewolf? Victum? Insane killer? Evil Clown? Creepy doll? Angery Molesting Tree?

Angry Molesting Tree. Always Angry Molesting Tree.

Now that a character has been formed, a costume is needed to help this being come to life. This is when the internet will start to come in handy. The “Image Search” is a wonderful and magical computer fantasyland. Ideas, after ideas…pages of ideas! From vintage, to modern, to future. Horror, Halloween, SciFi, Fantasy, Nightmare. Art, Photos, Paintings, Costumes. Just pick and choose any combination of those words, and pages of images & ideas will be right before your eager, fiendish eyes!

Here are three costume ideas to get you started:

1. For a Ghost, yards of ivory lace. Bedspreads, curtains, table cloths can be found in thrift stores, dollar stores, & sometimes just pure luck. You might have to sew them together, so that it will be long enough to go over you (like the old fashion bed sheet style ghosts). The lace will make it see through, so think about what you want to be showing through

2. Devil/Alien/Demon- Get some HIGH PIGMENT color (any color you want), and color or paint any area of skin that will be exposed. This might take about 2 hours, so if you can find someone to help…GET THEM! The costume is up to you, go wild! Devil in a blue dress?

Kitty Twist: Green & Fashionable!

3. Old Fashion, Vintage 20’s & 30’s Halloween Style. In the 20’s & 30’s women would make Halloween party dresses using the two main colors of the holiday– ORANGE & BLACK. These colors look fantastic together, but are best worn during this time of year. This type of Halloween dress is perfect for a night of party hopping, where not everyone will be in costume.

Ghouls on Parade

One year I made a glamourous & shiny orange burlesque gown, with black cobweb fabric panel skirts & triangle top, and a black net cape that had glittery orange bats all over it. It was a simple, yet holiday themed “Glove and Gown” routine.

Kitty Twist (and Sarah Palin) in a classic Halloween Orange & Black ensemble.

Now we move on to music. OH! the amount of Halloween/horror/monster/SciFi themed music that is out there and can be so easily found on YouTube. Sometimes finding the perfect skit theme song can take a while. However, with all the great music out there, it can be as frustrating, and fun, as a barrel of monkeys drunk on moonshine. If the song doesn’t grab you within the first 15-30 seconds, just move on to the next one. For the most part, you will know THE SONG when you hear it; your body will start to move, you’ll see the skit in your mind vividly, ect. There are times when the song is the beginning of the idea for the routine. The order I wrote this article is not a strict order that you must follow. Sometimes there is no order, sometimes the are no strict rules, just your gut feeling!

Here is a list of musicans and music to help get you started on your search for the perfect Halloween song.

Screaming Lord Sutch-musician.

Alice Cooper-musician

The Cramps-band


The Radiacs-“SHE’S MY WITCH”

Hellcats and the Prowl-“BETTY BONES”


Satan’s Pilgrims-“HAUNTED HOUSE OF ROCK”


The Matadors-“BLACK ROSES”

Sebastian Bach-“TOCCATA & FUGUE” in D minor


Movie soundtracks:


“TUBULAR BELLS” (THE EXORCIST) *this would go well with a creepy broken doll routine*

This should get you well on your way to developing a very theactrical Halloween Burlesque routine that will show off the shadowy darkside of your particular beauty and talent and imagination.

Happy Halloween!
Kitty Twist “The Boom Boom Machine of New Orleans”

Kitty Twist with her Spider Web pasties (c) Jian Bastille

One comment on “Halloween Burlesque: Danse Macabre

  1. Cyd
    October 17, 2012

    Fantastic ideas and inspiration!

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