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(Halloween)Spiration Part 4

Ally Katte walks us through her Halloween Inspiration.

It’s coming!! All Hallows Eve is winging it’s way towards us!

I’ve always been a spooky kid. Though I was a total pussy for the longest time, I was scared of ET till I was about 8. I was scared of Gremlins till I was about 12.

Gremlin Burlesque?

I saw The Craft at the age of about 13 and it blew my mind, I wanted to be Fairuza Balk. Then at around 15 the world of goth opened to me entirely and I believed NOTHING SCARED ME ANYMORE. I was collecting video nasties, I was reading Bram Stoker. Sorry, scratch that. I was skimming Bram Stoker, because in reality Dracula is reeeeeally boring. The gory blasphemy of My Ruin made me want to become Catholic purely to renounce it, and since then Religious horror films have remained my favourite.

So here are some of my favourite spooky things and how they’ve effected my life.

Zombie Walk

I met my wonderful husband at Zombie Walk 2 years back. I’d been at an entirely unrelated photoshoot that afternoon, hopped off the bus and saw the lumbering mass of zombies approaching the Bear Pit in Bristol. I raced home, grabbed my flatmate and shrieked ‘I’ve got 2 tubes of fake blood in my room, we’re going out!’ and we went from naught to shitty zombie in 10 minutes.

At last year’s Zombie Walk I was able to go all out, and here it is. My Zombie Showgirl costume which was made for under £40.

Ally Katte – Showgirl Zombie (c) Philip Clark

Day of the Dead

Right, I’m going to get a little serious now. Last Autumn my dad died. But eh, whatever, that’s not the story. I decided to do my own little Dia De Los Muertos style ritual for my father. I’d made a ‘sugar skull’ for him, with a rather strange looking guitar and cannabis leaf on it (his two favourite things) and left out a nice big shot of rum and burned some opium incense. That was my little offering to help him on his way to wherever he needed to go.

Ally Katte as Katrina (c) Ally Katte

Religious Horror

Oh boy, give me the fear of God any day. I love it! A good possession, some demons and angels and witchcraft. I’ve had an unhealthy interest in Christianity and it’s extremes for some time, and I’ve always been up for a good blaspheme.

Sexy Jesus (Ally Katte) and Our Lady of Guadalupe (Tuesday Laveau) (c) Ally Katte/Tuesday Laveau

HP Lovecraft

This is new. Like, really new. As in, I started reading Lovecraft yesterday and I’m hooked. WHY DID NOBODY MAKE ME READ THIS BEFORE!

HP Lovecraft (please contact us if this is your image, we love your work!)

Cinnamon and Wood Smoke

Ok, this is more Autumnal than strictly Halloween. But the smells that come with Autumn are my favourites. Clear air spiked with wood smoke. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, brown sugar.

My Secret Black Little Heart

As I said before, used to be a big goth, Bristol changed me to some extent and I toned it down, then I started going to drum&bass clubs and it pretty much dropped. But every autumn it comes right back. Layering, big boots, long socks, fingerless gloves. But whenever halloween comes round I once again get to gorge on horror films and halloween specials.

One comment on “(Halloween)Spiration Part 4

  1. David
    October 11, 2012

    Fab article! I think the Lovecraft portrait was by this guy…

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