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Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorial

Alana Dunlevy is a Bristol based face and body painter. Here, she guides you in celebrating Dia de los Muertos with ‘Katrina’ face paint.

*A few tips before you begin* 

The consistency of the paint has to be slightly thicker than water. I use a water spray to slightly spritz the paint and then really work the paint in to the paintbrush then wipe of excess.

When using a sponge, wet sponge thoroughly and squeeze out, then rub sponge in the paint until it has picked up a lot of paint.

When painting different colours on top of each other, wait for the bottom layer to dry first.

Sugar Skull 

This is a fun sugar skull design. Its very adaptable and you can really play around with different colours and decoration.

Step 1

Load up a sponge with white paint and apply to face, leaving eyes and nose.

Sugar Skull Part 1 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 2

Using a paintbrush, apply black circle around the eye socket, a ‘widow’s peak’ on forehead and on nose.

Sugar Skull Part 2 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 3

Put metallic blue on your brush and apply to eyelids and blend in to the black, pick up some more blue and work from bottom lid to black line. Using the same blue blend in to the widows peak and then paint on the nose aswell to add a bit of shine.

Sugar Skull Part 3 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 4

Paint purple ‘petals’ around the eyes, on forehead and chin. Then paint on a black mouth.

Sugar Skull Part 4 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 5

Out line purple in black

Sugar Skull Part 5 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Step 6

Add black swirls and decoration, high lighted with white dots.

Sugar Skull Part 6 (c) Alana Dunlevy

Sugar Skull Part 6 (c) Alana Dunlevy

And there you go, Dulce o travesura!

Sugar Skull (c) Alana Dunlevy

You can find Alana on her website here or see her artistry live and in action at the  Hoochie Coochie Halloween Ball, October 27. Alana will be back on CoochieCrunch with another tutorial to get you spookified soon!

5 comments on “Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorial

  1. Tiger Tiger
    October 1, 2012


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  3. Jamie G
    October 17, 2012

    Wow, that’s great, thanks 🙂

    • coochiecrunch
      October 17, 2012

      You’re very welcome, be sure to send us photos of you all painted up for Halloween!

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