Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Master of Ceremonies

Scarlett Miss Charlotte walks us through her compering experience.

Last Saturday was the fabulous Jungle Fever Burlesque extravaganza organised by the wonderful Miss Tiger Tiger.  To say the nerves were affecting me was an understatement and as time ticked on I found myself nervously pacing, shaking uncontrollably and with a mouth as dry as a desert. After a small plastic cup of cheap wine I had bought with me I felt a little better and it was finally show time!

Scarlett Miss Charlotte warms up the crowd (c) James Brown

I stood on the steps to the stage, took a deep breath, told myself I was awesome and strode out with fake confidence onto the stage and the waiting microphone. The crowd hushed, I opened my mouth and…nothing. The microphone wasn’t working! Nervously laughing I tried again. Still nothing. Stage hands started to scurry around, the DJ’s were frantically hitting buttons and, trying to keep my composure did a dance for the crowd. Eventually I told them I would be back, left the stage and was told it should be working, second attempt was a success and off we went. 3 hours of dancing, ukulele and raffles!

Scarlett Miss Charlotte & Tiger Tiger (c) James Brown

I was insanely proud of myself after I finished thanking everyone and walked off that stage, it was only the second time I had attempted being master of ceremonies and the buzz was amazing. Although looking back there was a lot I would have done differently (hindsight is 20/20) but to have the chance to try a new skill in such an amazing setting at an already successful night was phenomenal.

You may remember a few months ago I wrote a piece about stage kittens/maids and how it is a great way to move onto other things on the burlesque circuit and this is a prime example. It was also lovely to have a new maid to take under my wing and help through the show, everyone sticking together and helping each other out.

Whether I try compering again, I don’t know. It is something I would defiantly need to work at but it through me far out of my comfort zone which will perhaps push me into trying out performing in the future.  I have been very lucky to have seen some of the best comperes in the business, Joe Black, Muriel Lavender, Dorian Black and now feel I might have got a sneak peek into their world of entertainment.

Scarlett Miss Charlotte is a MCing, Panty Wrangling, maker of pretty things.

One comment on “Master of Ceremonies

  1. Tiger Tiger
    August 25, 2012

    You did an absolutely awesome job! The reason you did so well despite your nerves (which were not evident) is because you have a natural charm and wit, and very quick wit when called for. You definitely have a future in it and myself and many others, I’m sure, are willing to give you the stage time to develop! 😀

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