Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show


The Navajo’s had a legend of supernatural people that could take on the form of any animal they chose . They called these people Yee Naaldlooshii or Skin-Walkers. These beings gain their power by acting out of the ordinary, by breaking cultural taboos. They wear the pelt of the animal they choose to become, wolf, coyote, bear and take on the characteristics of this animal. These animal skins become anathema in popular culture, leaving regular people to wear more the ordinary skins of sheep and deer.

Sound familiar? When you put on your feathered headdress, lace up your high-heeled boots, pull on your mask, become the story you are telling on stage. Don’t be, as Tiger-Tiger put it, an act doing an act. Put your whole self in to it.

Tuesday Laveau is Loup Garou (c) Bert’s Photography

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