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Stripper Tips: Legs

The modern focus of striptease is frequently boobs and booty, leaving the appeal of legs overlooked. Film stars and pin-up girls of the 40’s and 50’s were revered for their long legs, most notably Betty Grable who’s gams were famously insured for one million dollars.

Betty Grable and her Million Dollar Legs

How can you showcase your legs best on stage? With a few simple stripper tips!

1. Wear heels. I am a total stickler for this. Kitten DeVille always amazes me with her ability to throw herself around the stage like a striptease tornado in towering stripper heels.

She even goes bowling in them (c)

I personally like to wear as high as I can, usually 5 inches and a platform. Pleaser make incredible shoes that are high, comfortable and built to dance in. The style of shoe will inform your walk and will add another layer to your stage presence. Heels lengthen your leg and define your calf and thigh. If your performance calls for bare feet, stay on pointe, shifting your weight in to the balls of your feet and raising your heel*. There are no flat feet on a Burlesque stage.

Jo Weldon wears heels in her Godzilla act. Even monsters wear heels. (c) ElsaWolf

2. Don’t wear pantyhose. A lot of new performers are concerned about cellulite and so wear tights on stage. These bring a couple of problems. The waistband will create a line under your costume and you will have to deal with the dreaded gusset. Gross!


Nylons also look weird under stage lighting, giving your legs an unnatural sheen.

3. Wear fishnets. Make your leg coverings part of the costume. Wear them in black or a shade to match your skin tone. You can cut the stockings free from the top part and roll them down so they sit at the very top of your thighs, securing with elastic if necessary.

As demonstrated by Anna Fur Laxis (c) InaGlo

This makes your butt look good too. Keep in mind how your costume might interact with the fishnets, sequins will get hooked.

4. Bare legs look awesome on stage. I like to use a cream bronzer all over my butt and legs then dust everything with gold glitter. The bronzer is pretty light, so my legs don’t look orange, but it creates a nice glow that looks looks good under stage lighting and in photos. Dancers with darker skin tones might prefer a drop of body oil to bring out the glow in your skin. I like Vaseline Cocoa Butter Oil. And glitter because, why not?  Always more gold glitter!

Tuesday Laveau with bronzer & gold glitter (yes I am pulling a weird face, but, glitter!)

5. Walk. Walk everywhere. It will make your butt higher, tone your thighs and calves and make you stronger. Plus, it’s free!

Now go show off those lovely legs!

*This is what I consider Burlesque on pointe, different from ballet en pointe.

3 comments on “Stripper Tips: Legs

  1. Ally Katte
    July 15, 2012

    Barbie feet!

  2. caseyv1987
    August 21, 2012

    We could always tell the new dancers at the clubs because they never pointed their toes.

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