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Stripper Tips: A Sticky Issue

Welcome to’s new feature: Stripper Tips! A guide to all the little things that put the bounce in yo booty.

One of the things that separate Burlesque from Strip Clubs Stripping is that we cover our nipples. This comes from a need to comply with licensing laws, but also has the serendipitous side effect that we get to adorn our breasts with crystals, sequins, glitter and whatever else our magpie hands can track down. Additionally, we add tassels for that extra bounce and shimmy.

On the look out for shiny things…

But how do you get them suckers to stick? Dirty Martini will tell you to, “Lick it and stick it,” which pretty much sums it up.

Miss Dirty shows y’all how it’s done.

I use a big fat roll of double-sided tape. It’s inexpensive, easily available and most importantly, very sticky.

This stuff. Seriously.

I’m going to tell you straight up, don’t waste your money on “cosmetic” tape you can buy in lingerie stores. It doesn’t work.

Alternatively, you can use eyelash glue. This is a good one because you’re going to have it in your purse or make-up bag already. I recommend both Duo and Eylure. The drawback here is that eyelash glue smells like butt. And the tube might lead casual observers to think you’re treating ‘feminine itch’.

This stuff.

Finally, you can use spirit gum. This is the stuff that make-up artists use to adhere wigs and prosthetics to skin. It is super-effective, but you will need to use a remover. I also know one dancer who uses carpet tape. Both of these options should be last resorts. Your nipples are beautiful things. Please don’t jack them up with crazy adhesives.

Mastix Spirit Gum

The important thing is to rehearse with your pasties on using whatever adhesive you choose so you get sweaty in them and catch them on your costume and know they will stay on.

Ok, so how do you apply a pastie? The process starts the night before a show. I’m like a watermelon seed by the time I get in to bed. If you push down on me, I’ll squirt right out of the bed on to floor (no jokes, please) because I’m so greased up with moisturisers and body oil. The night before a show, I make sure not to get any moisturiser or oil on my nips.

Backstage, I put my tasseled pasties on fairly early. The tape reacts with your body heat to get stickier. Put your tape or adhesive all over the back of the pastie, avoiding the very centre (and the raised part of your nipple), paying special attention to the edge. You want to create a seal all the way around.

To apply, hold a pastie in each hand and placing the lower edge of each one at the lower edge of each nipple, make a small scooping motion up with the pastie and apply to your body. Take both hands and gently smoosh them firmly to check they are stuck. You are aiming to get them slightly above the centre of your breast, at the pinnacle for optimum tassel twirling. Positioning them low will make you look droopy and effect your twirling

A lofty peak? Damn straight.

Finally, take care of those nipples! Nothing feels as good as back to back shows, but they will leave you with what I call “The Ring of Fire.” No matter what adhesive you use, it will eventually dry out and lift off your skin as you use it night after night. In a cruel twist of fate, as I said above, you can’t apply moisturiser nightly as it will create a layer of oil between your skin and the tape that could cause your pasties to slide off on stage.

There is one product that I use that minimises adhesive irritation and isn’t too slippery. Your mileage may vary, but I recommend Inecto Pure Coconut Nourishing Moisture Crème. If I can’t find this in any stores next time I go to restock because you guys have bought it all, I’m gonna be PO’d.

Happy Nipples for Everyone!

4 comments on “Stripper Tips: A Sticky Issue

  1. fieara
    June 24, 2012

    This was really informative! I might try nipple tassels now, but I can’t do burlesque dancing, only belly dancing.

  2. Tiger Tiger
    June 24, 2012

    the only “cosmetic” tape I’ve found to work, and actually swear by, is the stuff that comes on the roll from Claire’s Accessories (they also have it by the strip but this isn’t quite as good and is no where near as cost effective). They call it “fashion” tape I believe and I’ve been using it since day one and only ever once lost a pastie – and that was because I accidently ripped it off in my enthusiasm!!

    That said, I once tried the stuff from Ann Summers – it is expensive for not a lot – and it is crap! I rehearsed with it for a while and it was no where near as adhesive as other tape I had used and I didn’t ever end up using it on stage because I was too worried my pasties would fly off!

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