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Inspiration Part 2

A couple of months ago wrote a blog on my own site about the performers who have inspired me and recently on CoochieCrunch, Tuesday Laveau wrote about how other art forms inspire us, such as music, films, TV, celebs and friends.

I wanted to relate a different type of inspiration I have recently had.

Back a few weeks ago Tuesday Laveau started to put together her amazing fundraiser show at The Croft in Bristol – Beastie Boys Burlesque, in memory of the recently departed Beastie Boy MCA.  I was totally excited and honoured when she asked me to be part of it.  (Whilst on the subject, a big shout out to everyone involved!  Tuesday, Penny Bizarre, Fanny La Rue, Sandy Sure, Poppy Raine, Ally Katte, Scarlet Miss Charlotte, Peter Tecks, the awesome Too Many Ts and the lovely audience!).

Too Many T’s (c) Peter Tecks

However, my instant stumbling block was that I didn’t want to produce something below par, and I am no hip hop dancer.  Which pretty much put out of reach most of the Beastie Boys songs known to mankind.  I had a think about it, and listening to some tunes and happened to come across “I Don’t Know” on the Hello Nasty album.  As soon as the song started playing I instantly had both the costume and the bare bones of the routine in my head.

You be like, Hello Nasty, where you been?

I went to level 2 – costuming.  I was able to find exactly the things I wanted in the colours I had in my mind, mostly just through plunging my hand into the offcuts bin at Fabricland and pulling them out!  Fate?  Perhaps.

The routine itself fell into place as soon as I put the costume on, and the more I rehearsed it, the more I loved it.  Very quickly this routine went from being one of the many bespoke routines I have put together for one off shows in the past, to one that I wanted to add to my main repertoire.

I think about this in contrast to a routine I put together last year that I had planned to be part of my repertoire.  I loved the idea of it, desperately wanted to use the song, but when I performed it, it fell flat for me.  It wasn’t what I wanted it to be and I instantly dropped it.  I knew that working on it any further would just be forcing a square peg in a round hole.  My experience with my new routine “Reaching Enlightenment” could not be more opposite.

The Tiger and the Lotus (c) Peter Tecks

I thanked Tuesday for letting me be part of the awesome show she put together, but also for bringing out in me a routine I didn’t even know I had inside me.  I loved performing it, I loved the audience reaction, I can’t wait to perform it again.  Was it inspiration?  Perhaps of a sort, with all the elements happening to come together the routine sort of inspires itself.

We’ve all had similar experiences I am sure – you hear that music and suddenly it’s already there in your head.  But that’s not what I am talking about, that was covered in Part 1.  What I am talking about really, is the hand that forces the routine.  In this case being part of Beastie Boys Burlesque was my inspiration.  Under no other circumstances can I imagine this routine ever having entered my head.

Yes, many of us have put together a routine specifically for a show or event, to fit a theme perhaps, and sometimes they work and we love them.  But sometimes they are forced, and I for one struggle with those types of routines as it wasn’t my heart that lead me to them, but the pressure of having a fitting routine.  Sometimes, just sometimes, it is those very circumstances that bring out a routine from us that we never even knew was meant to be.  It’s an exhilarating and wonderful feeling, and it is inspiration.  So different from the other types of inspiration out there, but just as valid – if you find yourself in a similar situation, embrace it, run with it and let the inspiration take you all the way.

Tiger-Tiger Reaches Enlightenment (c) Peter Tecks

Big assed love from

Tiger Tiger

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