Bristol's Badass Burlesque Show

Panty Wrangling

Panty Wrangling!

Panty wranglers, stage kittens, stage maids, it doesn’t matter what you call us, we are the unsung heroes of the burlesque show. From gathering discarded garments to making sure that prop goes in exactly the right place, my fellow boys and girls try to do their utmost to ensure the smooth running of the show.


I remember my first burlesque show as a stage kitten and being faced with a giant clam shaped chair and rubber skeleton. I had no idea what I had got myself in to but realised soon into the show that I was just as much part of the performance as the dancers on stage. I could sneak on as quiet as a mouse, darting around as the compere filled time between performances or I could ham it up flashing my knickers, encouraging some audience participation and sometimes even getting some welcome applause!

Scarlett Miss Charlotte

Wrangling really is a brilliant way of getting into the burly scene and getting to know how a show works. You meet some amazing performers both new and experienced, see some incredible acts (for free!) and, if you are a performer yourself, get some great tips on how to get a crowd going. It is also a gateway drug into a world of glitter and merkins. Through wrangling I have compered shows, modelled pin-up, met some of the best women (and men) on the planet and am now part of something much bigger than just myself.


So may I take this opportunity to thank the essential cogs in the wheel of burlesque, who are so often overlooked in the thank yous and introductions and encourage anyone with an interest in burlesque but not ready for a full on routine to ask around for experience at your next local show. You never know who you might meet or where that meeting may take you!

Scarlet Miss Charlotte  – Maker of beautiful things, panty picker-upper extraordinaire

2 comments on “Panty Wrangling

  1. Lily Belle
    May 8, 2012

    I always make sure I thank the stage kittens at the end of the show, where would we be without you? a tangled up mess of g strings, thats where!

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