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Triple Threat Red Sarah took time out of her busy schedule of performing, teaching and crafting to have a little chat with me about her upcoming Fire Workshops and her thoughts on the British Cabaret Scene.

Hi Red Sarah!  Please tell a little about yourself:

Hey Coochie Crunchers , I’m a Performance Artist specialising in characterisation, burlesque and Circus. I also teach and am an accessories designer, I have many hats . To be a creative in today’s economic climate you have to be really resourceful and make your skills work really hard for you.

Red Sarah

Sarah, you are well known for your Drag King work, tell me about that and how you see the current state of the UK Drag King scene?

As I am an exclusively Burlesque Drag King I can’t really comment on the wider UK drag king scene, although I have met a few of them and the term Drag King is becoming more recognised, although many people still do not know what it means. I perform a parody of a man who doesn’t get the attention he desires so opts for a sex change as all the pretty ladies seem to get far more attention. It is one of my favourite acts, the women absolutely love it and I get the most amazing comments about the act.

You also specialize in Fire Performance, how did you first get started in this field? What do you love about it?

POI – I just fell in love with them, all the circles and complex moves to master. I used to attend a juggling club and was forever teaching people, one of my students went on to write a book on the subject. Then came fire eating I just love the feeling of power and awe it invokes and to feel the flame on my skin when performing Fakir is so on the edge, it’s exhillarating. I will never get bored with fire! I have been performing with fire for over 15 years!

Are there any other fire performers you admire or hope to work with someday?

There are a couple  – Carisa Hendrix in Canada does the most beautiful fire vapours tricks. Preacher Muad’dib in London  – He and I will be working together on a fire safety project this year to encourage more performers to get insured and get proper training.

Tell me about your Fire Performance Workshop? What particular skills will I learn in this class? Will I still have eyebrows left at the end of the workshop?

My Fire manipulation course will be going on tour this summer and you will be learning: fire safety in performance, fire licking, fire eating , fakir , immolations and slow burns. The workshops are 2 hours long and yes, you will definately still have your eyebrows, but we might have trouble keeping any moustaches! The workshops are available to men and women and designed for complete beginners.

Red Sarah

Thank you Red Sarah, your work ethic, diverse skills and general badassery are a total inspiration. It’s been a pleasure!

You can find Red Sarah’s workshops on the following dates:

June 23 – Edinburgh
june 26 – Dundee
June 30th – Swansea
July 26th – Trowbridge / Bath
July 28th – Devon
dates TBC – Manchester / Coventry / Portsmouth

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