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Coochie Crunch

What is a Coochie Crunch? A Coochie Crunch is a sacred stripper backstage ritual originating from Fleur de Tease in New Orleans. All the dancers, MC, band etc, get together in a circle piling both hands one by one in the middle of the group. The group thrust their collective coochies (and non-coochies) toward the centre while giving the rising battle cry, “ccccCCCCCCOOOOOOOCHIIIEEE CRUNCH!” Energy is lifted and focused and we are now ready to put on an awesome show.

And that is what this website is about. Focusing our energy, getting psyched up and putting on a badass show!

Lucy Longlegs and Tuesday Laveau perform a Coochie Crunch backstage at Stranger than Paradise, Brixton, UK

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